Celebs and caterers is a family run business, established in 2017.

The idea came about because of every time I organise a party, having to go from one shop to another to pick different items which If put together in one place makes it easier for a celebrant or caterers.

This ended up bringing up the name Celebs and Caterers.

Organising a party can become extremely stressful if you must drive to different points which is what this business is all out to take the stressful bits off and make organising a party as easy as it can be.

All items required delivered to you at your convenience.

It is also my desire to make my customers party venue especially where the food is served as elegant as it can be using our hiring section with state of the art serving equipment at an affordable price.

You don’t need to buy serving equipment you can hire at affordable price from us.

We provide mascot for parties such as Minnie mouse and mickey mouse which can add fun and excitement to children parties at good prices.

It is all about having a good moment at affordable prices.